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Prop ScanĀ® is a computerised measuring system that enables propellers to be measured to the highest levels of accuracy. The advantages of this are increased performances, more speed, reduced fuel consumption, eliminating vibration so you are ensured to get more enjoyment from your boat.

The International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO) is a worldwide federation of national standards bodies. This organisation has produced a standard (ISO 484) that defines the manufacturing tolerances for marine propellers.

Class Manufacturing Accuracy
S Very High Accuracy
I High Accuracy
II Medium Accuracy
III Wide Tolerances
All our propellers are made to at least Class I.

Prop Scan® allows customers to view modifications 'BEFORE and AFTER' changes are made, as well as providing detailed reporting of the actual final pitch and blade surface geometry achieved. Detailed records of all measurements taken allow propellers to be reproduced accurately and exactly in the future, and pairs of propellers can be custom matched to each other. Damaged propellers are also able to be accurately repaired.